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HMO's / Flats Communal Clean

Are you a landlord that owns a block of flats or a House in Multiple Occupation? If so we know the headache that comes with tenants not doing their bit to keep the property clean, keeping gardens and weeds under control as well as not putting bins out on time. This can cause unhygienic living environments for your tenants which result in more complaints from tenants, neighbours/councils which can result in higher voids and fines.

Let us take this headache away to create a more harmonious environment for your tenants. We can also keep an eye out for any maintenance issues within your property whilst carrying out cleaning duties.

We can offer a weekly/fortnightly cleaning service to ensure all communal areas are kept clean and maintained to ensure your property is at its best occupancy level and your tenants are happy living there.

Clean HMO
Clean Communal Area

We will send a report through with every invoice highlighting any issues that need sorting.

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